The Belgian Skate League comprises 2 competition circuits: the Junior Skate Riot and the Belgian Skate League. Each circuit has its own ranking.

Within these 2 circuits, there are 3 different types of competitions. The competitions are rated with a difficulty level indicated by a 'star.'

1-star competitions

1-star competitions are introductory events with a local character. They last for 1 day and have 30-40 participants. We welcome 150-200 spectators per competition. These are local events in collaboration with clubs.

2-star competitions

2-star competitions are one-day events with a national character, featuring 60-70 participants. A minimum prize pool of 2500 euros is distributed, and 400 to 600 spectators are welcomed per competition.

3-star competitions

The 3-star competition has an international orientation. These are 1 or 2-day events expecting 80 to 100 participants. A minimum prize pool of 5000 euros is distributed, and 1000 to 3000 spectators are expected per event day.

The Junior Skate Riot circuit falls under the 1-star category (*), and it has its own ranking.

The Belgian Skate League includes both 2-star events () and 3-star events (*), and these different star classifications result in a national ranking. Points are allocated according to the Olympic qualification system of the international federation, World Skate (see the attachment for details).

The points for the ** events are based on the PRO TOUR competition of World Skate, while the points for the *** events correspond to those of the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. For example, winning first place in a *** competition is validated with 80,000 points, while first place in a ** competition is worth 50,000 points. Click here for the full points list.

Ranking and Points

The ranking of the Belgian Skate League applies only to Belgian riders. International riders are not included in the national ranking of the Belgian Skate League.

The position that each rider achieves in each event will serve as the basis for awarding points for the ranking. In the event that an international rider secures the 2nd position, the Belgian rider who finishes 3rd will automatically move up to the 2nd position in the competition ranking and also receive the points associated with this new position.

RANKING Junior Skate Riot